Long time no see tumblr pals!!!!

i know i haven’t been on since may, and there are many reasons for that, the first one being school, as i had finals going on. School will always be my first priority, and tumblr was taking up too much of my time. Continuing on that topic, each year i go into high school, obviously, the harder it will get. That being said, that is one of the reasons im going to stop using this account. 

Another reason is that I’ve changed a lot as a person from the time i created this account until now. A little over a year ago, I was going through a severe depressive episode. Tumblr just made things worse, i would stay up all night on it, making my depression even worse. More importantly, I was spending more time on this site than with my family. It made me antisocial and irritable, which are two qualities i’m usually not. Also, my interests have changed. I’m no longer the bandom fangirl i used to be (as you could probably tell from the evolution of my blog), and i don’t like the drama that surrounds it. There are many people, whether the band members or the fan base members, that bother me and i like to avoid as much as possible, which means halting the use of this account.

Not to mention the toxicity of this site. I know that phrase is heard far too often on here, but its true. Not very many people on here dawn the social skills to promote the social justice and representation they want. Instead, they bitch about it on a site, rather than going outside and doing something about it, and that disturbs me. Additionally, some people on here are just plain MEAN. I don’t like how if someone is simply ignorant to a topic, they lash out on them and insult them instead of politely educating them. If that keeps up, nothing will improve because people will be too afraid to ask questions on controversial topics (such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc). 

Lastly, I’ve just gotten bored. When i wasn’t online for a couple of days, i thought to myself “oh, i’m going to lose followers”. I don’t think that’s a healthy relationship to have with a recreational site. Then i found myself not going on this site for weeks and being fine, if not better. That’s what settled it for me, that I am a better and more productive individual when i’m not in an environment like this.

I hope you guys understand my decision, and if you guys want to keep in touch with me, you can follow me on twitter (@celiatooturnt, which i am on almost daily), instagram, (@celia.wilson) and add me on snapchat (cobrastarhips). I’m considering making a new tumblr for photos and hipster junk that cant be argued over (hopefully, some of you guys amaze me with the dumb things you can start internet wars on). Anyway, I’ll be online a little while longer to edit my theme to say i’ve deleted. I had a pretty good run on this site, with 1.3k followers at maximum, but its time to say goodbye. Nothing lasts forever. Peace out yall :-)